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New tools based on science and evidence for tackling anxiety & behavioural issues in primary schools


Quick introduction to Flex-it! one of our tools for schools

Nixon & Nixon are an emotional health education company who, through teacher training workshops,  provide new science and evidence-based tools to UK primary schools to help children and teachers with rapidly increasing levels of anxiety & behavioural issues. By fostering an understanding of how emotions impact our bodies biology and how to process them, they aim to improve behaviour, academic success, increased social skills, better physical and mental health outcomes, and the ability to thrive. 

The Problem

As sisters and health professionals, we have dedicated years to specialising in various aspects of wellness. Our passion in this field has been driven by a desire to find solutions for anxiety (along with other health issues) in our neurodiverse families.

"The number of primary-age children in England either waiting or being treated for mental health problems, including eating disorders, anxiety and depression, has soared 28 per cent in less than a year. The rise is far higher than any adult age group." The Times April 2024
"95% of school leaders, teachers and other staff said that they have seen a rise in anxiety levels." Charity place2Be and national association of head teachers (NAHT).

This is a problem for¬†teachers and parents alike. According to our research, ‚Äėteachers are no longer able to teach,‚Äô with many describing themselves as, ‚Äėuntrained social workers.‚Äô The rise in school refusers, runners, playground conflicts, a decline in mental health and¬†increasing anxiety is giving rise to big problems in our schools. Teachers and parents find themselves fire fighting emotional issues that they¬†do not have the skill set to deal with.¬†Leveraging our backgrounds and expertise, we engage with teachers, parents, and children to tackle anxiety, behavioural issues in schools. We conduct workshops for teachers & parents that teach emotional regulation and central nervous system regulation using tools that we have developed that help deactivate the body's stress response. ¬†They allow children to move through emotions such as anxiety into calm.¬†

Why is emotional regulation & central nervous system regulation so important?

In our workshops and parent programmes we help you to understand big feelings (emotional regulation), biology (central nervous system regulation) and behaviour change. These concepts are key to strong relationships, physical and mental health. Teaching children these concepts at a young age is vital to their long term health and wellbeing. 


The foundations of our tools

1. Health Coaching: We employ coaching strategies to promote behavior change and emotional regulation. 

2. Somatic Practices: We utilise techniques like EFT, Matrix Reimprinting, IFS, Functional Breathing, and Movement to enhance internal awareness, deactivate the stress response, regulate the nervous system, and improve emotional regulation. 

3. Lifestyle Medicine: Our evidence-based tools leverage lifestyle medicine. They work by increasing neuroplasticity and deactivating the stress response, regulating the nervous system, and improving emotional regulation. 


¬†‚ÄúThis technique is a great tool to use in school to help children accept and feel in control of their emotions. We are using it regularly with whole classes and groups to literally tap into how they are feeling which means when a child needs some individual support they have this technique at hand to help them manage difficult situations. Training was informative, rooted in evidence and easy to transfer into practice‚ÄĚ
Kate Bodle, Deputy Head 
St Marys School, Henley.
“Staff liked the way Nixon and Nixon explained the science behind the Flex-it! approach as this made the reason for doing it more meaningful to the staff and children. Knowing the science behind Flex-it! will make it easier for the staff to explain the approach to the children. Many staff were so inspired by the training that they discussed Flex-it! with individuals/ classes later that day. 
Nixon & Nixon were so knowledgeable and inspiring. They presented the approach very well and kept the staff engaged throughout the training sessions. Everything that Emma and Laura said made sense and they linked it to their own personal experiences.‚ÄĚ
Claire Rolfe, Assistant Head
Trinity C of E, Henley





Teacher workshops

Workshops and teacher training in schools. 

Please contact us for more details.



The solution

Our 3.5 hour workshop for teachers & teaching assistants provides tools for anxiety & behavioural issues that are backed by the latest science and evidence and are culmination of 15,000 + hours spent with 1 to 1 clients. 

We help teachers & parents get to grips with their own emotional health as a critical component to success.

We focus on feelings and how we all have control over them (emotional regulation).

We focus on the biology and how we can deactivate the stress response (central nervous system regulation).

Our tools can be easily learned & embedded with immediate results.

They engage children as they are fast, fun and effective. 

We provide brilliant classroom resources including books and posters. 


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